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Virtual Private Servers

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VPS, also known as ‘virtual private servers’ or ‘virtual servers’, are partitioned physical servers. Each partitioned server effectively makes a separate machine, so you can benefit from enhanced privacy, security and speed for your websites. VPS Hosting allows you to take more control over your websites with features such as the ability to reboot your server yourself and even rebuild it in another operating system. Similarly to a dedicated server, you can run your own server software on your VPS for a more powerful web hosting experience.

Enjoy advanced VPS hosting at an affordable price with our powerful virtual private servers. Using the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks and lightning-fast RAM, we have created one of the UK's most advanced virtual server platforms. Choose from CentOS 6, CentOS 5.7, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu 11.04. 

If you have a busy, demanding or mission-critical website, use our customisable VPS hosting to take control of your resources. Choose from our three pre-configured UK VPS packages or create your own below:

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