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Nice people to deal with, exceptional value for money, would love to recommend it to others. [Information Unlimited - Bushey]

As a long standing client of hosting Hut, I have always received nothing less than an exceptional quality of service. They are always available whenever I required any form of assistance. Even for someone like myself who has limited experience and expertise in this field, Hosting Hut proved to be an invaluable service provider with expert technical staff. Once again highly commendable and recommended to all. [David Greenwood]

One of the best hosting providers I've had over the years. Very professional, dedicated and helpful. Walked me through till the end with setting up my domain first, and then with the uploading process of my webpages. They are very prompt in their response. I had difficulties at first setting up multiple domains which they helped me with via one-to-one messaging. I am very pleased with their service and would recommend anyone looking for reliable hosting packages with great team at their service to help them with. Great job! [Ali Shariq]

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